Northwest of another name for Yunnan Province swims 16 days strategy
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D1 (on June 28) Chengdu - Kunming
Take Oriental airline scheduled flight afternoon 16 ∶ 45 set out from Chengdu, 17 ∶ 45 punctual arrive at Kunming, the friend receives me to the airport, the L506 that sends me to the railway station to take 59 Kunming of 23 ∶ to Dali second train. This time of car is add face a guest, the condition cannot catch up with the travel express of N word head, still go basically nevertheless.

Viatic small Tip:
Kunming is tightened quite to the sleeper ticket of Dali train spruce, be wrapped by travel agent mostly, had better book ahead of schedule.

To Chengdu double shed the airport to hit: 43
Chengdu - Kunming plane ticket: 350
The airport builds cost: 50
Kunming - Dali train ticket: 69
Subtotal: 512

D2 (on June 29) Kunming - Dali - Li Jiang
In the morning 9 ∶ 30 arrive at Dali. Just gave a railway station to be surrounded by a lot of travel agent, considering time already not early, oneself want to trot along on horseback only the ground that watch a flower looks, swim with respect to a day when attended a travel agent, include sea of spring of park of Dali ancient city, 3 towers, butterfly, You Er, midday a lunch.
To drive fluctuation midday 14 ∶ the You Lun of 30 embarkation, whole in the morning very drive, stayed 45 minutes only in Gu Cheng especially, fail. Saw beautiful Jianggu city won't regret later nevertheless, after all Dali ancient city is too much and factitious trace. 3 towers park (entrance ticket 52 yuan) still go, but entrance ticket is too expensive, had better be to go to the park of 3 towers inverted image with 3 left towers, very beautiful 3 towers inverted image can be patted over there. Butterfly spring (entrance ticket 32 yuan) need not go completely, a small pond, the person gets a nuisance more. You Er sea (entrance ticket 84 yuan) those who take is " Cang Shan date " large You Lun, the feeling that in Er sea excellent wind defeats billow is very comfortable, the scenery is grand, be worth to swim. The 3 tea performance that arranges on the boat is very wonderful also. Two isles of Er maritime arrangement do not go.
In the evening 19 ∶ 00 set out from Dali, 22 ∶ 00 arrive at Li Jiang. With the friend of sth resembling a net of net the first line of a couplet on a scroll small Ling is contacted, the Mu Jiayuan hotel that lives in backyard of wooden king government office, between single room mark, the condition is pretty good.

Viatic small Tip:
If spare time and energy think in Dali, might as well one day when attend local travel agent swims, anyway a few famous tourist attractions are " do not go seeing meeting regret, saw meeting disappointment " . Be in as to the price off-season and general can chop come down, my did not chop enough, the person that compares a person of the same trade became expensive 10, 20 yuan, be worth a fare however from entrance ticket nevertheless.
If time is enougher, do not want to attend viatic group again, the proposal spends sea of the You Er between half climate, half day time visits park of 3 towers inverted image, swim Dali ancient city. I did not play Cang Shan, bad to evaluate.
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