Guangzhou, Yunnan strategies of 13 days of ultimate + of brigade ~ fun
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Author: China8421 publishs date: 2005-7-22 22:35:42

Vehicle: Plane | Total overhead counts: 7 day above | Total cost of go on a journey: 2000 ~ 4000 yuan

Very long before had wanted to go Yunnan, to its Li Jiang, sweet case lira, the snow mountain in the plum... regrettablly the girlfriend does not have time. I issued this summer vacation to command to death, want to go anyhow. Passed the preparation of two months, will set out on July 6 eventually, search a dream!

The first day, guangzhou -- Kunming

In the morning the Kunming of plane non-stop flight to 7:30 (order a ticket 45 days ahead of schedule, 500 yuan) . Plane hind goes straight towards the west hill continuously below. Just arrive downy, climb the west hill to also be met fierce pant. Go up continuously along mountain-climbing trail, arrive at dragon door, look down at pool of another name for Yunnan Province, the force with the ultimate Yunnan that understands oneself had begun. Had ordered camellia guesthouse originally in the evening, but acquaintance is recieved live in Huacheng guesthouse, the environment is OK still, green jade to golden horse on foot gallinaceous square is controlled 15 minutes. In Jin Mabi gallinaceous square ate live abroad sweet garden, their rice line is really delicious, soup bottom is very bright chicken broth, two people ate 20 yuan or so. An old person that falls on foot sees on square, there still is blood on the face, surround the person of view a lot of, hit without the person namely 110, return somebody to persuade me not officious, finally still is me the phone that this tourist hits. Why can this social conduct become such? Solve this after the event we cross a driveway across shopping mall. Shopping mall environment is very good, the CAF é that sits in roadside drinks on one cup of feeling to had been held out, consumption also does not calculate expensive.

The following day, stone forest swims one day

To the travel near Kunming railway station a street attends stone forest one day to swim today. Want to attend the sort of total package group originally, regrettablly we arrive 9:30, had gone late, remain 30 yuan of the sort of bags to come to those who answer ticket only. Nevertheless one car person serves as a group, meet all the way somebody explains, go still can matching a tourist guide to explain to stone forest, you still send to air force hospital to do wash one's hair after returning Kunming from stone forest sufficient, good enjoy! Two go can pulling you to go on the road of stone forest shopping dot, the meal adds 12 yuan each midday. What also can attend 70 yuan of total packages to the travel agent inside Kunming city is round, the lunch in connecting also was wrapped, appear more value.

The 3rd day, kunming -- Dali

Be gone to by acquaintance belt today Jin Dian plays, golden hall is a temple that does with copper actually. Park of whole nevertheless forest has been Kunming citizen's recreational good place, old him grandma of a lot of great grandfather takes lunch, go up about a flock of bosom friends go up to hill card games, act in an opera. We did not want to climb, sit slideway fluctuates. Two individual altogether just fluctuate 20 yuan, very amused. Ate the Dai eat with very delicious feed midday, up-to-date still feel it is the most delicious 13 feed meals in the day. Sit afternoon 15: The airlines of 10 flies Dali (order a ticket 30 days ahead of schedule, 220 yuan of) . Dali arrives after half hour, had ordered Dali ancient city paragraph the clear heart court of teacher home (phone 0872 - 2663170) , they look for a car to come to the airport receive (60 yuan of fare, if hit a taxi,want the least 90) . Pure and fresh court is near boreal door of Gu Cheng, the environment compares quiet and beautiful. Paragraph the teacher is Nazarene, to living the guest cares very much, the building is very old also, can offer the information of a lot of travel, 60-80 is between mark yuan differ. Nevertheless I feel the bed of his home is too soft. Put down baggage to turn to Gu Cheng a circle, ate a bait piece, the feeling is very insipid, have dinner to very famous Seoul hotel later, two people ate 45 yuan, taste is very pure, but this feed is,left disaster later.
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