Yunnan breaths out Ba Xueshan expeditionary strategy
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The car arrives from Li Jiang in the tiger jumps probably 3 hours, must jump through the tiger if the doorway should buy a ticket, saying is to arrive ha cling to of the village, we insist to say all the time do not jump to the tiger, management is in discharged later.

Roadside is breathed out cling to the village is very little, also went back and forth with respect to ten minutes on foot, have small shop, have a part fastfood beverage is waited a moment, fixed phone can be hit, but do not have report to do not have signal of mobile mobile phone, have the signal of 133.

The strong opening that enter a village is the name guides " good 4 " , a frame house, here altitude probably 2600.

Listen to our the leader of a sports team to say to enter hill cost even into hill, probably one person 20, not quite remembered, although person of it doesn't matter is checked, as a bit support to environmental protection, still was handed in, still see they are clearing of rubbish, did dot thing at least.

Ha cling to the village arrives base camp clothings: Be in 51 during, sheet caught sweat shirt to go on assault pants, assault garment also goes, arrived on base camp need eider down cloth with soft nap was taken, catch sweat pants.

From ha cling to the village arrives 4100 meters of base camp, go up from the alley of village mouth, before going out, Tu Hao is prevented bask in frost to need 4 hours to arrive at camping ground probably, if equestrian I feel time is about the same, if physical strength is better, estimation is faster than the horse, the horse that rides because of you does not run, it is short horse, the person is pulling those who go, the price is 80 probably, oneself chop valence.

Camping ground is an opener place, have water, although not be very clean, also drank so anyway, cooking also is the water that uses here, the ground here is common slimy ground, hit small hammer easily, late windward affirmation is very big, best wind rope is pulled, the ground is not very flat, put up with one.

We at that time set out at 6 o'clock in the morning, more advisable still, before setting out, had done prevent bask in, specific did not say, the person that does not do anyway can be basked in certainly. Cover good snow, take enough water and a lunch. What we go is boreal line (hear of) , if rain,be about on the west line, because Shi Po will be very slippery, one trip consequence cannot predict.

Reaching the summit from base camp is 8~11 probably back and forth hour, according to circumstance of each one physical strength.

Pedestrian schedule:

The first day

8:00AM is breathed out cling to the village sets out, altitude 2500 meters

8:56AM arrives at the first great lawn

9:36AM arrives at the 2nd small lawn

10:21AM arrives at the 3rd great lawn

10:52AM begins to see the firn on the ground

11:19AM arrives at 4000 meters of place
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