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Here, I do the course south my this rack and everybody to share...
On May 18 in the morning 8: South 20 planes scud (breakfast basically can be offerred on the plane) -- airline ticket 990 (4.5 fold)
Midday 11: 30 arrive at Kunming airport
Sit in the airport bus, 1 yuan can arrive at station of tall fast stranger (the latest the car of a bit goes afternoon Li Jiang, fare 174 yuan)
PS: Best oneself prepare a few food, because have Cheng of 9 hours car to Li Jiang from Kunming, be in among " home village or town of 9 rivers fishing " stop dinner of continue to employ, nevertheless over there the has person of one family property only buffet around, and the price is more expensive, surface of a cup of bubble wants 5 yuan
In the evening 9: 30 arrive at Li Jiang passenger station
Can take a taxi go beautiful Jianggu city, 7 yuan OK, look for a place to live in Gu Cheng next, basic and common be in 15 yuan a person. After finding abode, can experience the amorous feelings of street of public house of beautiful Jianggu town, include singing in antiphonal style. Beer of popular wind,flowers,snow and moon is compared over there.
On May 19 in the morning 6: 00 get up, experience additionally one kind of amorous feelings of Gu Cheng
Breakfast can try those who come from Sichuan to copy close, there is to hear taste is very good inside Gu Cheng.
In the morning 9: 00 rental a bicycle, can choose to go by bike bundle of river ancient townPs: Now bundle river ancient town should receive 30 yuan entrance ticket, nevertheless the canal from the side can circle the past, desert entrance ticket
Afternoon 4: 00 ramble beautiful Jianggu city, buy a few article that oneself like (nevertheless the thing inside beautiful Jianggu city leaves the home to be compared generally expensive, the counter-bid skill with certain need)
On May 20 in the morning 8: 30 sit lake of Che Qulu buy, peaceful Lang of by way of. Need Cheng of 7 or so hours of car in all probably
Afternoon 5: 00 arrive at Lu buy lake to fall into water village, search abode, the proposal looks for the room that can see Lu buy lake directly, common 15 yuan a person, mark room 50 yuan
Ramble everywhere, in the late evening 7: 00, place has evening party of bonfire of a nation, over, can feel rub of shuttle person can dance of song be apt to, can mix accept as a souvenir of their group photo. Entrance ticket 10 yuan a person. The girl is OK also and rental place rub the dress of shuttle person, dress goes attending bonfire evening party, 10 yuan night.
On May 21 in the morning 6: 00 get up, can view and admire the sunrise of Lu buy lake, do not have flavor one time.
After using breakfast, 9: 00, act as a guide by local eldest brother, climb the hill of a few earth at the back of Lu buy lake, lucky, still can hit a few game on hill.
About afternoon 3: 00 the left and right sides returns village of water of fall after a rise
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