Strategy of ascend of line of northwest of Yunnan sedan snow mountain
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One, overview of Yunnan sedan snow mountain

Sedan snow mountain -- the Wu Meng countryside that is located in Yunnan to save Kunming to persuade prefectural northeast horn with boreal salary, belong to arch of Wu Meng mountain system arteries and veins of Wang Shan beyond, altitude 4223 meters, be like a sedan because of bodily form of hill of the highest peak in a mountain range and get a name, different of Tang Nazhao king seeks Feng Cishan to be " Le Ni is white " . Sedan hill baffle 1000 an ancient measure of length equal to seven or eight chi, stereo climate is apparent, bizarre geological landforms landscape, attracting more and more mountain-climbing travel lover, as " the first hill in another name for Yunnan Province " sedan snow mountain is had numerous cherish animal plant and peculiar glacial corrode landforms, advocate scene area is collect the green treasure that light of Buddha of waterfall of ice of chute of pool of day of 10 thousand mus of azalea seas, high mountain, 7 colour, 100 a unit of length, sedan is an organic whole the ground, sedan snow mountain is boundless high unplugs. Look into the distance from a high place of beyond of sedan mountain the highest peak in a mountain range group peak, view sunrise, bird's eye shed the cloud, day pool blue sea, fir, green forest, meadow of sea of clouds, rime, flowers, high mountain, seaborne drop, when moving all the year round, change scene, natural landscape too many beautiful things. Arrive sedan snow mountain, experience close nature adequately, return to natural feeling, and the appeal of modern a haven of peace, landscape of northland winter snow, beautiful exterior holds austral alpine concurrently to mountaineer expeditionary, cliff climbs sports of cliff, ice and snow, it is to make stream of people forgets to return repeatedly so...

2, northwest line brief introduction

Sedan snow mountain begins from 1989 by Kunming outdoors personage exploration, its tradition circuitry -- southwest line already became the most mature travel sex to mountaineer expeditionary circuitry. After 10 years, the northeast line of countryside of the person that just had law of Dong Chuan area in succession, salary persuades prefectural black to cheat the southeast line of countryside, and northwest line has no mountain-climbing lover sortie to pass however.

Line of northwest of sedan snow mountain is located in Kunming district salary to persuade countryside of prefectural snow mountain. Salary persuades Hu Guohua of prefectural head of a county to be in " a record of events inscribed on a tablet of highway of snow mountain village " such medium writing: "Snow mountain countryside ranks prefectural condition northeast border, shan Gaogu is deep, relief dangerous and difficult road, only rugged canal and outside connect, 20 centuries come when 90 time still are illogical exclusively for Kunming city the countryside of highway... highway is full-length 38, 7 kilometers, always invest 14.63 million yuan... on December 12, 1993 start working, last a period of time 2 years Feburary, wu Meng, snow mountain the endure the hardships of an arduous journey of the main forces that build a road of two countryside, cut into a mountain breaks off mountain, cloak risks snow, wall of the authentic that wear cliff... on December 7, 1992 complete be open to traffic... the carriage history that ended local masses person to carry a horse on the back to carry on the back... .
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