Another name for Yunnan Province the travel on the west
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D1. Today is I and wife marry the following day, still answer a plane that we ascended Xi'an to fly to Kunming without there's still time. Afternoon 3: 30 arrive at airport of dam of Kunming witch home (Kunming airport is airport of the whole nation's rare a few cities, the bus leads to downtown) , go out sit the place that 52 buses add one courtyard to get off the park lives to us to elder brother cure - - brigade of youth of international of Kunming beetle-crusher family name is abandoned, the environment is good but toilet did not become independent between two-men. Abandon in brigade do a bit rest to stand the train ticket that buys 19 days to go to Dali by day (do not have travel agent to wrap because of 3 times of berth in the evening, can buy in the window rarely) , 35 yuan / piece, arrive in the evening elder brother night fair has a meal, cross bridge rice line, barbecue...

D2. We come to ethical village early in the morning (entrance ticket 70 yuan) , but still did not see village ceremony, regretful Ing... here shares 13 minority village, the building has characteristic very much, here you can see Home Dai civilian house, white tower, dali 3 towers, civilian of the Bai nationality resides architectural " 3 lane one a screen wall facing the gate of a house " , " 4 add up to 5 courtyard " format, rub room of summer of A of shuttle a group of things with common features is waited a moment. Oneself suggest to ask a tourist guide to be being taken turn, swim by boat Chi Chaogui of another name for Yunnan Province, a mosquito craft turns 280 yuan circuit, we abandon.

D3. Early in the morning sits went up Kunming arrives the train of Dali, this is southwest allows path railway last paragraphs, 300 much kilometers sat 8 hours, break down Yunnan of ~ of Ing ~ ~ 18 strange one of trains are fast without the car. A Chinese-style unlined garment of antrum of cowardly of wooden tablets or slips for writing of  of stand upright of deer of know well of foal of of lineal descent of exhaust Dun partridge? 0 much kilometers, sit in the railway station 8 buses 1.5 yuan / person, go to park of Gu Chengyu Er to get off. The course is compared, the branch that we choose - - Gucheng's youth brigade abandons Dali, between mark 60 yuan / day, it is located in people road fastfood a street. Dali ancient city is the most flourishing is document of main stem of north and south road and revive road, and foreigner street. The gad in the evening night scene is very beautiful, the foreigner is very much. Gust of the Bai nationality is fastfood earthenware pot fish, enrage boiler chicken, fan of the breast that bake tastes pretty good.

D4. We and the astral minibus that abandoned the Xi'an friend of understanding one case to wrap a Chang'an in brigade (60 yuan / day) played one day. Visit civilian of the Bai nationality to reside severe home courtyard to happy city first in the morning (entrance ticket takes 3 tea 30 yuan to perform, 10 yuan can visit civilian house only) , because we are self-help swims,do not have a tourist guide, so civilian room also does not look what to give bright hall, mix other travel agent to listen to a tourist guide to explain later, figure out eventually 3 lane the one a screen wall facing the gate of a house, 4 meanings that add up to 5 courtyard! Cooperated a driver to turn to shopping dot then circuit, arrive at ability village dock midday, you Er sea takes a ship 100 yuan / person, the course does valence 50 yuan / the person clinchs a deal. Jin Suodao arrives after 40 minutes (entrance ticket 3 yuan / person) , insular hind breathes out greatly on be duped, whats can eat a meal in that only 4 people spend 65 yuan in all. Meal hind takes a ship to return, the plan goes 3 towers play. To Dali Chong Shengsi 3 pylon mouth discovers entrance ticket is 112 yuan, and tourist guide card and entirely of student's identification card do not admit, we think of ~ of too expensive ~ park of 3 towers inverted image goes turning, ability says on the net 4 yuan of one Zhang Men ticket, after arriving, entrance ticket still is 112 yuan, the person that buys entrance ticket says the temple connects park and Chongsheng together to collect fees now, faint! ! Decide God hill finally, the driver introduces us to ride the hill on the horse (40 yuan / person) . When waiting for us to ride the hill on the horse to walk along a half, discovery was duped again, these local cannot take away us correct path, however to escape the bill goes the hill on alley, it is sepulchral all the way, the equestrian jolt that passes a hour arrives eventually counteract a temple, fortunately the scenery here does not have disappoint we, we must enrage otherwise dead. Summary: The travel management of Dali differs the utmost, a lot of tourist attraction is private development, what certificate does not admit, identify money only, want us to buy a ticket to drive to a tourist attraction only the driver can have rake-off, connect equestrian God hill to have. You go on the road everywhere somebody asks you otherwise wants to rent a car travel. I myself suggest to want to had played Dali, had better attend place one day of standard travel agent to swim.
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