Yunnan travel is small write down
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Author: Rhett publishs time: 2005-7-10

Yunnan travel is small write down


After 40 hours bumped on the train, I have the say Kunming of move spring city eventually. Just issued the train, a be mingled with is worn the air cooling blow on the face of spit and come, present temperature should be less than crude guess 25 degrees, midsummer will experience the high temperature that is less than a bit however in July this lets us these from comer of burning hot Fujian very open-eyed, but more those who make us open-eyed is Kunming railway station is shabby, with respect to huge like market, narrow hall is crowded the person that is holding all sorts of accent. Good squeeze not easily gave a railway station, what we see is this one act however, troubled liaison man, rattletrap building, the blind influx that make a racket, is this Kunming? She should be in the heart in me clean, have order, be permeated with the city that spends sweet beauty, then I decide to sit the sleeper train in the evening was driven toward Dali that day. But did not have the thing that think of to happen again, because Yunnan is successive recently rainfall, between Kunming and Dali cave in of a paragraph of highway, bring about Kunming to must walk along a paragraph of freeway that did not foster cordial relations between states to the car of Dali, because road is very bumpy, make originally the car Cheng of 5 hours is lengthened, what changing because of the train ticket of old railway of such elder brother is unusually nervous, 5 days of train tickets in make work already smooth, I was forced to buy piece of car ticket. (Proposal: Get on the train that Xiamen goes to Kunming the activity that you can look for car attendant not to need to attend their travel agent to organize, book Kunming to Dali directly in the evening) of sleeper train ticket.


Passed the impersonal torment of near 8 hours, I arrived eventually the Dali of the wind,flowers,snow and moon in fokelore. All cars are stop in Dali next closing (new city) , car surrounds those who came up to pile travel agent to pull a guest instantly, they can pull you to attend what Er sea one day to swim, offer accommodation to wait, need not pay attention to they. Cross a station, have a public transportation station nearby, because Dali ancient city is apart from next closing that still have 8KM, take 4 cars to foreigner street, one person wants 1 yuan of money only, must not hit a taxi.

Arrived Gu Cheng has been in the evening at 8 o'clock, the day is very light still however, here is later than Beijing two hours day is black, arrived of at latest 8:45 still do not have a day black. Foreigner street as expected deserve the reputations one enjoys, 20 short meters long street moving back and forth the tourist of each country, there are a lot of bars on the street, people sits on outdoor seat to drinking coffee leisurely to chat, although the person is very much, but give a person a kind of halcyon feeling however.
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