Yunnan style or manner of writing
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Come back already fully a week, the reason that does not agree to write travel notes tardy does not pass again simply actually, because far the Jing that did not give the imagination in travel is colourful, had gone lightly, had seen light scenery. But, thought place is seasonable, read aloud again however: Everybody has a scenery in the heart, naturally has gone to want to write down next a bits to stop at the bosom, when how although be censured to be written,be like He Zhi, completely OK does show the whites of eyes go " the thing end Gan Qing " ? ?

Again criterion, the condition of the body after coming back is adjusted all the time bad, also feel needle awn is being carried on the back now, is or old really? Hahaha.


Xiamen----13 Kunming arrives at Kunming already was midday: 00, original and due one netizen is received of machine say, be put regrettablly dove, ah, pardonable, that Shanghai that contacts before the section male was full of exceeding distrust feeling to Peking Man, alas... eventually we sat a cold reception of a hour a certain number of after telephone short message, male phone just goes to this Beijing! Still not was in Kunming! , ourselves abide is worn the address phone that he offers, searching to decide good hotel, 15/ person.

Ramble afternoon Kunming, went lane of Jin Mabi chicken, travel of a street, do not have what sth. worth seeing or reading, patted a few pieces of PP that come here to swim. Grand sight building, in park within, have a certain number of curassow, have a certain number of beautiful flower, potted, breed is various, delicate and charming and dye-in-the-wood. Returned Jin Mafang to have a meal, must see Beijing eventually male, of apologize is big fastfood dinner, ha, was excused, meet anyway hasty, from now on cape and skyline are impossible adieu... he does not travel together with us the pasture in going is gotten, just with Guangdong those go building this world to see oily cauliflower.

Sleep early, of the morning shift plane of the pasture in wanting to drive...


Yunnan has time difference of 2 hours absolutely at me, because it wants in the morning at 8 o'clock ability sunrise, in the evening at 8 o'clock ability sunset. Got up at 6 o'clock so outside black still night! 6: The 30 small handsome with Guangdong, xiaohe, beautiful met. Board the plane, sit down, sleep. A bit afraid to high height above sea level, whether to meet respond? Whether cannot go up? ?

Flew 50 minutes, got on for, the sun also comes out to be illuminated in numerous hill, golden, very beautiful, taking a camera is sweep suddenly, the hope can be carried on of the eye!

8:30 enlighten celebrate the airport----Sweet case lira, I will see you.

2024 what sit to had been wrapped, we set out, in the home that breakfast is a driver, ghee tea cake, driver wife grows really beautifully, but the driver is long,get individual character dot cough up.

Set out to go toward the snow mountain in the plum, by way of " accept handkerchief sea " , low water, only a certain number of bask in highland barley frame, establish amid all alone, without companion of beautiful scenery photograph, only now and then the cold wind of presence, with the sun of the wintry day of shining, none miserly insolate!
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