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Travel jewel: What does travel wear in Xinjiang winter?
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1, the choice with heat preservation best layer is eider down is taken. Want to notice when the choice, the fabrics that eider down takes is more frivolous better, the Yue Xiaoyue that and be when fold can fold is good, had better wear a windbreak vest again additionally, increase heat preservation effect.
2, when the pants outside the choice in order to train pants most appropriate, it already can windbreak waterproof breathe freely quite again.
3, go to Gao Han's place must wearing a cap, because of human body the quantity of heat of 50 % above is from the head and cervical be lost. The exam edits greatly, place of chill and blowy had better wear the cap that has earmuffs.
4, the choice of the glove has 3 element: Heat preservation; The root of fangfeng is waterproof; Wear-resisting. If want to go up snow mountain, ten million remembers taking glove of deputy duck's down.
5, go out wear what shoe, want to see the road surface circumstance of destination, season and pedestrian time. The sole of the shoe that the place that go jumps over bumpy place to wear is about to jump over hard, and must help high, such ability had protected double foot. Although soft bottom sneaker is worn rise deft and agile, but the motion that they suit 9 hours only normally. Winter go on a journey is given priority to with wearing climbing boot commonly, at the same time afflictive to prevent wet foot had better take two pairs of socks and insole more again.

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