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Travel agent regulation
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Travel agent regulation (the State Council of People's Republic of China made release a basis the 205th number on October 15, 1996 on December 11, 2001 " the State Council about revising < travel agent regulation > decision " edit)
  of general principles of the first chapter
The first is opposite to strengthen the management of travel agent, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of tourist and travel agent, safeguard travel market order, the health of stimulative tourism develops, make this byelaw.   
The permanent orgnaization that the travel agent that this the 2nd byelaw applies to churchyard of People's Republic of China to establish and foreign travel agent establish in churchyard of People's Republic of China (orgnaization of permanent of travel agent of foreign country of the following abbreviation) .   
This the 3rd byelaw place weighs travel agent, it is to point to have seek profits purpose, be engaged in the enterprise of tourism Wu. This byelaw place calls tourism Wu, it is to point to do sth for sb for tourist leave the country, enter a country and visa formalities, catchpenny, recieve tourist, wait for tourist arrangement board and lodging paid the management activity of the service.   
Administration of travel of the 4th the State Council is in charge of a branch to be in charge of the supervisory management of countrywide travel agent working. The branch that travel of government of government of people of place of prefectural class above works is in charge of the supervisory management of the travel agent inside area of politics of one's own profession working according to duty.   
A sectional a general designation of the 2nd the first paragraph, regulation travel administration.   
The 5th travel agent according to management scope of business, cent is international travel agent and domestic travel agent. This byelaw has special provision additionally, its set according to.   
The scope of operations of international travel agent includes to enter a country tourism Wu, leave the country tourism Wu, home tourism Wu.   
The scope of operations of domestic travel agent is confined to domestic travel business.
Travel agent of the 2nd chapter establishs  
The 6th establishs travel agent, ought to have following condition:   
(one) have fixed business place;   
(2) necessary business establishment;   
(3) have classics groom and the management personnel of the qualificatory certificate that department of administration of travel of government of people of above of hold province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government issues;   
(4) have accord with this byelaw the 7th, the enrollment of the 8th regulation capital and quality bail.

The enrollment of the 7th travel agent capital, ought to accord with following requirement:   
(one) international travel agent, register capital to be not gotten little at 1.5 million yuan of RMB;   
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