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Card of new tourist guide manages method to come on stage
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One, manage for card of farther normative tourist guide, according to " regulation of tourist guide personnel " and " administration of tourist guide personnel carries out method " (the 15th bureau makes national tourism bureau) , make this method.

2, tourist guide card is to hold a witness to already undertook tourist guide of People's Republic of China is registered lawfully, the legal papers that can be engaged in tourist guide activity.

3, format of tourist guide card. Tourist guide card executes unified format. Card of new edition tourist guide (2002 edition) block a form for Ic, but card reader of have the aid of consults fundamental condition mixes the tourist guide that stores in card violate compasses plan to divide the content such as the circumstance, the openly setting of tourist guide card is Chinese and English card of contrasting | tourist guide (China Tour Guide) the project such as grade of card of | , tourist guide, number, full name, language, it is among hold without hat of witness near future photograph of 2 inches of fronts, grade of tourist guide card tries to distinguish with 4 kinds of different color: Primary for the gray, intermediate cream-colored that it is pink, advanced for the flaxen, fancy yellow that it is gold; The reverse side imprints have note and card number.

4, number of tourist guide card. Its regulation is | D-0000-000000 | , | of D of English letter | guides for | the abbreviate of the phonetic alphabet of | word, represent a tourist guide, word of before 4 digit is the standard international code of province, city, area, 6 digit word is computation encode after. The tourist guide card of different grade blocks date to depend on respective and ordinal number.

5, of tourist guide card get. The person that get must hold the following material to travel to the place administration department puts forward application.

(one) of the applicant " certificate of qualification of tourist guide personnel " reach its Xerox, " tourist guide member grade certificate " reach its photocopy (original is offerred only hand in check) ;

(2) the labor contract that concludes with travel agent and its photocopy, or the proof file that registers in tourist guide service center and its photocopy (original is offerred only hand in check) ;

(3) Id and its photocopy;

(4) fill in by the regulation " registration form of card of application tourist guide " .

6, of tourist guide card extend. The seat travel administration that accepts application the branch is checked through network of tourist guide government explain the lawful sex of travel agent of service of | of card of qualification of tourist guide of the | that get a person, place and tourist guide orgnaization, check explain the tourist guide that gets a person hold industry record has without violate compasses record; The place that check offers the lawful sex that labor contract etc proves. Classics examine and verify, the mechanism that send card should issue tourist guide card to the applicant that accords with rated condition, promulgate to be not being accorded with of card condition, should present or inform an applicant with written form; Do not accord with a condition to material, requirement applicant undertakes complement and be perfectinged.
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