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Chinese Communist constitution
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Chinese Communist constitution
(the seventeenth times countrywide congress part revises the Chinese Communist, passed on October 21, 2007)

General programme

The Chinese Communist is the vanguard of Chinese the working class, it is the vanguard of Chinese people and the Chinese nation at the same time, it is the leadership core of career of Chinese characteristic socialism, on behalf of China the development of advanced productivity asks, represent the ongoing direction of Chinese advanced culture, delegate China is the broadest prime increase of people. The highest ideal of the party and ultimate goal are implementation communism.

The Chinese Communist is mixed theoretically with Marxism-Lininism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping " 3 delegates " the action guideline that serious thought regards him as.

Marxism-Lininism announced the rule that human society history develops, its fundamental is correct, have powerful vitality. The communism that Chinese Communist person goes after is highest and ideal, develop adequately in socialistic society only and just can come true on the foundation that height develops. The development of socialistic system and perfecting is a long-term historical course. Hold to the fundamental of Marxism-Lininism, walk along what Chinese people chooses of one's own accord to suit the road of Chinese national condition, socialistic career of China is sure to obtain final victory.

It is the Chinese Communist person of main delegate with Comrade Mao Zedong, the fundamental Marxism-Lininism is the same as the specific practice union of Chinese revolution to rise, founded Mao Zedong Thought. Mao Zedong Thought is Marxism-Lininism is in China apply and develop, it is the about Chinese revolution and construction correct academic principle that was proved by practice and experience summary, it is the crystallization of wisdom of Chinese Communist collective. In Mao Zedong Thought how-to below, the Chinese Communist leads a the people of all nations, through long-term opposition the revolution of imperialism, feudalism, bureaucratic capitalism struggles, obtained the victory of New Democracy revolution, built the People's Republic of China of people democracy dictatorship; After founding a state, undertook socialism is transformed smoothly, finished arrive from the New Democracy of socialism transfer, establish socialism is basic system, developed socialistic economy, politics and culture.

11 3 in since plenary meeting, the Chinese Communist person that is main delegate with Comrade Deng Xiaoping, since summary founds a state positive and negative the experience of two respects, emancipatory thought, be practical and realistic, realize the move that center of entire party job builds to economy, execute reforming and opening, open up the new period that socialistic enterprise develops, formed the course that builds Chinese characteristic socialism, guiding principle, policy stage by stage, explain palpability builds the socialism, main problem that consolidate and develops socialism in China, founded Deng Xiaoping is academic. The fundamental that Deng Xiaoping is Marxism-Lininism theoretically carries out the child that is united in wedlock with times feature photograph with contemporary China, it is Mao Zedong Thought accede in what new historical requirement falls and develop, it is the new level that the Marxism develops in China, it is the Marxism of contemporary China, it is the crystallization of wisdom of Chinese Communist collective, guiding career of modernization of our country socialism to advance ceaselessly.
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