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On the west double edition offer is main ethical red-letter day and custom
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Dai nationality: "Sang Kan comparing strides " section: Namely Water-splashing Festival, the Gregorian calendar will come 15 days on April 13. Hold activity of royal Buddhist ceremony, still have in addition lose a bag, delimit dragon boat, put rise, caboodle is sanded, cockfighting wait for an activity. Festal climax is to spill water, alleged " drenched whole body, happy and lifetime " .

The Hani nationality: " soup handkerchief " section: (the longing ancestor, meaning that replace the old with the new) , the Gregorian calendar came 4 days on January 2. People pestle cooked glutinous rice pounded into paste, penates of hold a memorial ceremony for, prepare a feast. Young men and women is invited go up about Shan Caiye flower, pick wild fruit. No matter the man often hits top less.

Pull blessing a group of things with common features: "Pull blessing a group of things with common features " section: Time and Spring Festival of the Han nationality are identical. Main provision is cake of pestle polished glutinous rice. Morning of early in the morning goes to spring grabbing new water first. Come first first 3 call a woman year, entertain a guest by the man, manage housework, first 14 to 16 for the man year, the man can go up hill hunts, joyous song of drink to excess, the festival is main the activity is to jump dance of a reed-pipe wind instrument.

The Blang nationality: "Haowasa " section: Close namely section, the Gregorian calendar in July the middle ten days of a month. Familial member is homeward and patriarchal hold " Song Ma " (confess) ceremony, invocatory the coming year does not have a thing in safety, it is difficult that disappear calamity is avoided. <BR> radical Nuo a group of things with common features: "Content diligent overcomes " section (spend the New Year) : The Gregorian calendar will come 8 days on Feburary 6, knock noisy tom-tom, hold nimble ox, make preparations for ploughing and sowing, forge iron, blacksmith receives move from one place to another to pass art wait for a ceremony.

The Yao nationality: Dish Wang Jie: Also say " jump dish of king " or " counteroffer Wang Yuan " , "Dish king " namely " dish Hu " , it is the ancestor of the Yao nationality and totem is indicative.

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