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Civilian of the Yi nationality is resided -- earthy control room
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In Yi area, it is varied that the each district, bedroom that raises department inheritance each builds a form, and with place live consuetudinary have close correlation, from the village get together the address that falls to the residence; From the cent of the room buy arrives of sundries pile up; From the building the structure is mixed to civilian house belief no-no, show individual ethical amorous feelings.
Civilian house characteristic

Village the Yi nationality is the nation that farming herd holds battalion concurrently, of the village distributing with repose have its distinctive inheritance. What the village of the Yi nationality is located in altitude 2000~3000 rice more is a mountainous area, half a mountainous area, photograph edge gets together a group of things with common features and house, choose the foot of a mountain of exposed to the sun commonly, suitable hill is built, be in the majority with place of half way up the mountain, ridge, region of the foot of a hill, river valley is less. " yuan in relief county annals " carry: "The Yi nationality lives in mountains and rivers-land more gallant, resourceful a mountainous area, the village draws near according to hill water, all around terraced fields is layer upon layer, there is hill to be able to be offerred after the village depasture, there is Tian Ke before the village for cultivating, most village has a ditch to had flowed from which.

Civilian house is in our country southwest, distributinging range of the Yi nationality is wider. Accordingly, its civilian house type differs to suit the physical geography environment of the area awaits a condition compatibly, or the influence that suffers other people, and appear more complex, do not cross house of civilian of the Yi nationality to have however in each nation extensive representative. Say commonly, type of house of civilian of the Yi nationality can divide it is the following kinds: Room of control of tile-roofed house, earth, show room of wood of a room, battlements, cogongrass room to wait.

Live consuetudinary the Yi nationality executes one husband 5 wife the little family that make, after children marriage build housing additionally, housekeep, only the youngest son and parents live together. Home Yi compound is capacious, be produced in order to offer and live, it is especially when thing of buy red Bai Xi, can wide accept guest. Inside the bedroom, principal rooms central room relies on a wall to be in consecrate to wear ancestor of heaven and earth is in memorial tablet, there is censer and tiger, lion on altar statuary; Old fashioned square table for eight people is put in the middle of, use at recieving a guest; Left have all the year round not the igneous pond of extinguish, raise by 3 stone, common says " boiler village " , in order to warms oneself keep out is cold, hot water bakes tea, it is family is surrounded all round igneous pond sit the place of discuss official business. Two side room is principal rooms the bedroom of son's wife of n/COL the head of a family son, hold
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