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Amorous feelings of aquatic animals folk-custom
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Aquatic animals, have 345993 people, main inhabit a region is south Guizhou Province Guizhou of autonomous prefecture of Miao Zu of the Bouyei nationality 3 He Libo of aquatic animals autonomous county, Dou Yun, alone river of the Carey of hill and autonomous prefecture of the Dong nationality of Guizhou southeast Miao Zu, Li Ping, banyan, from the county such as the river, minority comes loose be on the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region western.

The seedling mountain mountain range that the living ground of aquatic animals is located in ministry of southeast of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau with south, Dou Liujiang and Long Jiang upper reaches. The forest is densely covered, landscape is picturesque, comfortable the development at aricultural course of study, the piscine rice that is Guizhou highland spends the countryside of fruit. Aquatic animals is good at farming agrarian, give priority to in order to cultivate paddy.

Aquatic animals language belongs to language of water of Austronesian of Zhuang Dong of Chinese Tibet phylum to raise. Aquatic animals first civilian the character that Ceng Chuang has made him, call " water book " , its appearance is similar to inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty and inscriptions on bronze, it is one kind has had 2000 old script of the history, but only 400 many individual character, in be confined to religious activity, use. These characters rely on copy out to excerption completely, presswork without quarter edition, but the Shui Shuji of each district agrees originally. Person of major aquatic animals is not known. They live daily in general Han Wen. Aquatic animals has his calendar, water all previous and the traditional Chinese calendar agree basically, but will be year old of end in August with the traditional Chinese calendar, will be the beginning of the year in September. From the traditional Chinese calendar the bottom will arrive in August at the beginning of October have day of 4 the last of the twelve Earthly Branches, it is aquatic animals the day that each stockaded village spends the New Year by turns. Aquatic animals spends the New Year say " borrow end " , very grand and lively. Knock noisy gong and drum at the appointed time, blow a reed-pipe wind instrument, still hold the recreational activities such as horse race, singing and dancing. Aquatic animals advocates black and navy.

Aquatic animals and ancient time " Luo Yue " a group of things with common features have historical origin, be develop only among them those who rise. It is early before Qin Han, the area austral mountain and southeast are taken littoral living a lot of tribe, BC 214 years, qin Chao united mountain south, aquatic animals first civilian go to Guizhou north gradually laurel border land is migratory; A general designation when Sui Tang " brook cave pretty " ; Song Dai is installed in the place " the city that stroke water " , by appellative " stroke Shui Man " ; This one place name alludes the city with " water " had formed for self-assumed crowd. 13 centuries metaphase, person of large-scale the Han nationality moves here; 13-17 century, again soldier of many the Han nationality is defended to here defend by tone, set collect to settle down, their offspring also gradually shirt-sleeve at aquatic animals.
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