Shenzhen -- travel notes of Dali, Li Jiang
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Dali is good in March scene, when this Chun Nuanhua leaves, want not to think of the south Dali of pink clouds, li Jiang goes, put flying mood, where is the breath that searchs interior freedom? We go out together go!

Travel course: Shenzhen, Dali, Li Jiang, Shenzhen
Time: In March 25-29 day

24 days of evening 18: 10 minutes of planes, shenzhen, Kunming. Dali arrives by train after going to Kunming, 22: 36 set out, 25 days in the morning 6: 10 the left and right sides arrives at the cutoff below Dali to stand, sleeper price should be in 100 the left and right sides, from next closing that arrive by the car directly Dali Gu Cheng, fare 2 yuan, inn searchs to live in Gu Cheng. Take a car to go next civilian house visits happy continent. Answer Dali ancient city in the evening.

Key: 1, Dali Gu Cheng: Dali history is long, element has " document name state " say. Country of acting Dali of the Song Dynasty is set here 500 one's remaining years, for at that time center of the politics of Yunnan, economy, culture. Existent Gu Cheng builds Yu Ming to take the place of, the area makes an appointment with 4 kilometers, circumference 6 kilometers. The dweller makes an appointment with 20 thousand people. The room of carved beams and painted rafters is abandoned, stone method, let your feeling as if return old Nanzhao times, in March sunshine issues rambling feeling, have a dot paragraph praise paragraph childe feels leisurely chicly at the outset. (still can sample authentic breast fan oh)

2, Chong Shengsi 3 towers: The place that must go, see Yunnan of Chinese country geography only the photograph of that pair of 3 towers on collect, the sort of white tower and blue sky, oily cauliflower and the natural collocation of civilian house feel, make me yearning all the time. Although go in,the park should receive entrance ticket, but also can not search good appreciation point of view into the park. A bit more crucial be, from Dali ancient city walks much not further arrive 3 towers. Cannot be missed so.

3, happy continent civilian house: Happy continent is land of important inhabit a region of the Bai nationality, culture develops, have " the state of culture " and " gold spends birthplace " say. Remember that beautiful love story? "5 gold are spent " the impression that leaves profundity to us. Believe in happy continent you can find the gold in your memory to spend a girl. "3 lane one a screen wall facing the gate of a house, 4 add up to 5 courtyard " civilian house gets traditional the Bai nationality here the play that dripping wet all reachs. Must remember taking camera so.

Note: Sea of Cang Shan Er does not do this second travel key, but can circle by bicycle if weather is good visit near Gu Cheng, should with Yang Shuo bicycle identical lie fallowing is experienced.

26 days: Close below, lofty treasure mountain, lofty hill county, county of old lofty hill.

Answer next closing from Gu Cheng, from next cutoff the station goes to lofty hill county by the car, allegedly fare 8 yuan, but knowing is this price, take a car to lofty treasure mountain from the county, rent a car back and forth 10 yuan. (can consider from next closing rent a car to wrap hill to lofty, if the number is fortunately) . Entrance ticket of lofty treasure mountain 15 yuan. Treasure mountain needs You Wei probably 4 hours, county of hill of old in the evening lofty.
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