Be charmed 1000 lakes hill
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Author: One cloudlet 2006-3-22

On highland, vernal step comes very slow, may just is the season with beautiful spring scenery. A few friends make an appointment to go go for a walk in the country in spring of 1000 lakes hill, hear want to climb, it is good that I hesitated, but still went finally. It is not to know really, go always unforgettable.

Passed preparation a long time, cooking utensils, food, tent, sleeping bag, everything needed is ready, can set out eventually, as if to return the spring outing of childhood times again. From another name for Yunnan Province of edge of county of sweet case lira Tibetan highway goes southward 50KM, cross small in cereal of pasture pond cloth village of virgin forest, Ji Sha, along forest zone highway advancing 4KM arrives at Buddhist nun of pool of dried meat song (the cistern of half half way up the mountain) . Here, the horses that has decided ahead of schedule already was awaiting us, hold goods and materials in the palm horses, we go up on foot hill, all the way the view is good. The likelihood is the office stays long, climb a Shanlaijiao to get special hardship, always want to had turned over this hillside to arrive, can have turned over this slope to have next slope again waiting for us, walked along the hill road of nearly two hours, had turned over a Gao Po again, the rambling that entered beauty spot of 1000 lakes hill eventually blocks grass.

Already was the dusk right now, shine upon of the setting sun weighs hill, come down in torrents of rays of morning or evening sunshine 10 thousand hill, do not have charm one time. The grass of an open, the lake water below illuminate of the setting sun is in front, gentle breeze stroke crosses lake face, lift layer upon layer dimple, showing light, elephantine scale, resemble broken gold; Big azalea fill clump is all round, be the season that azalea blossoms right now, red, violet... open hill edge all the time, the end of azalea fill clump is primitive fir forest and large tree cuckoo, left a clear brook, the cabin that still a few herdsman live temporarily, risking smoke from kitchen chimneys... let a person have the feeling that enters peach garden elfland by accident.

We put up tent in lakefront, borrowed a frame house to cook to herdsman, everybody starts a hand, had been done a little while not quite, such place, meal tastes what also feel special is sweet. The setting sun set, sky of our head apical is burning aglow and aglow morning glow. The haing Ba Xueshan of far is more enchanting also.

In the evening, we burn a bonfire on the clearing of lakefront, play an idiom to receive the dragon, game that you do not drink me, do not receive the person that go up to be about by be made to drink as a forfeit, because drink,drink more little, always little not want din, late wind blows the leaf that gets lakefront clang with a clang make sound, make eyes ground looks at the numerous star that be all over the sky we, listening, giggle is worn. Because I do not want to drink, the concentration with special also attention, how much to also drink naturally. Still have Zhu Enguang of photography Great Master with what go with us, he by fill many wine, so that see me later,always say " you do not drink me " .
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