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Wang Jingxia: Build island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty world-renowned travel r
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Wang Jingxia: Special acknowledgment conference is sponsorred square, without preparation, a moment ago listened, I am particularly admiring municipal government of municipal Party committee of island of emperor of Heibei provincial Party committee, the Qin Dynasty pays close attention to very much " gold coast " protection and management, established working committee, management committee technically, this kind of practice I feel special praise highly. I feel this also is our Heibei province in a when fulfil view of central scientific progress very specific action, we know " gold coast " the industry of bay of it may not be a bad idea, Bohai Sea takes it may not be a bad idea, it is the coastal resource with our very important country, actually the coasting of our China looks very beautiful, but those who be worth to be protected vigorously is not very much, should occupy what also occupy is about the same, of this development what also develop is not little. Heibei provincial Party committee paid close attention to this thing beforehand now, open so big conference today, experts build character to make suggestions, the leader that also is island of emperor of sufficient specification the Qin Dynasty to this thing it is to be put in very important schedule.
We mixed construction ministry together last year two city are saved, province of Tianjin, Beijing, Heibei wove district of a town coordinates the program of development together, this program is Beijing ferry look forward to whole large-scale coordinates development integratedly, include industry, traffic, a when include a lot of main areas to control development big program, construction ministry took the lead last year, to two city one province reached an agreement jointly, this program achievement is advanced stage by stage. A moment ago Li Fu grew to introduce the overall planning of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty technically, to this paragraph area, the fixed position that gives it is very tall, city of Beijing ferry look forward to group program, the coastal belt Bohai Sea bay decided the city township that wants compose to build to develop littoral in the future namely at that time, create the hub harbor that has competition ability even group, the coast with 600 long kilometers takes this place, actually its harbor group the development of layout, economy is very marked. Everybody knows to have 5 big harbor group, not be a haven, include Tianjin harbor (10.17, - 0.45, - 4.24% , ) , pasture of Cao the wife of a prince is waited a moment, a port area includes a certain number of harbor, light is big is 5, small harbor also is a few in, so the country also is to be in this area to gift its duty of a lot of strategies and task, can form the hub harbor of a rich competition ability in the future.

Want to collect the contemporary and efficient marine economy industry, coasting that models safety of beautiful and easy seaside environment, safeguard namely additionally. At that time protocol 5 function, the urban property of the overall planning of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty, also be what decide this main city to it is zoology environment is beautiful, the seaside travel with our famous country is recreational resort, create the word of the resort with a famed country, I think be island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty not just, also be Heibei not just, should be China, OK even in the future is international, because " gold coast " I feel and Australia, Africa, United States is very much a few " gold coast " than rising we are not inferior, so I feel we should pay close attention to jointly, it how build this place is better to how build this place build this place, richer vitality, environmental protection is better at the same time.
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