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Label the whole nation travel of red of yellow ridge of area of 12 bright red lu
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News of network of chaste tree Hunan (Xu Yu of Hu Xiangxiu of Hubei daily reporter's reporter) during the National Day, arrive red the visitor that installs memorial hall of martyr of revolution of city of county, hemp to accept revolutionary tradition to teach is constant. Mr Li that comes from Wuhan says: "The brigade of this gules culture, grow knowledge, edify sentiment, contain teachs at swimming, benefit a lot. Benefit a lot..
Inside information of culture of yellow ridge red is solid, was labelled by the country 2005 one of areas of 12 bright red lubricious travel. Red how, hemp city, Luo Tian, flower hill everywhere revolutionary cemetery of revolutionary martyrs is labelled area of scene of 100 classical and gules travel. Creating in extraordinary years of the republic, blood of children of yellow ridge hero fertile Central Plains, coagulated with blood and life " plain sincere Yong Yi, deeply endlessly " old quarter spirit, at the same time also casting one large quantities of gules culture resource.
Government of provincial Party committee, province holds the big travel that fasten hill to develop spot office to meet in Luo Tian, ask Huang Gang is breach with gules travel, with zoology, culture travel gives priority to a line, build domestic and international famous travel destination and throughout the country's important gules travel base.
Yellow ridge municipal Party committee, municipal government puts forward, make Huang Gang fasten economy of hill red travel to encircle greatly with all one's strength, economy of stimulative old quarter is revitalized, weave " Huang Gang fastens hill red travel to develop a program greatly " .
Below the centrally, provincial Party committee, care that saves a government and support, huang Gang raises fund 120 million yuan change extend Jute uprise and E Yu Anhui revive area revolution cemetery of revolutionary martyrs, raise fund many yuan of 6000 build red install revolutionary tradition to teach an institute, raise fund many yuan 8000 are transformed maintained 7 lis of Li Xiannian former residence, level ground to grow get the better of street, Macheng the revolutionary relics such as former residence of general of cemetery of revolutionary martyrs of cemetery of revolutionary martyrs, Huang Gang revolution, Wang Shusheng and vestigial.
Red is absorbing, green tarry person. Meanwhile, huang Gang develops the zoology such as stockaded village of chelonian peak hill, Bao Daofeng, heaven, Wu Jiashan energetically travel resource, native place of 4 ancestor temples, 5 ancestor temples, Li Shizhen, east the culture travel resource such as slope Chibi, optimize combination with gules travel, formed culture of zoology of gules tradition, green, patina " trichromatic Qi Fang " travel pattern, promote Huang Gang the big travel that fasten hill in the round especially the integral competition ability of gules travel.
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