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"Become beautiful to swim the brigade that group of tourism of " popular face-li
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This year is Chinese tourism group unlock 10 years in the round to Han travel, the travel that go to Han already swam from original sightseeing change swims for characteristic. The Korea that rolls out first this year as we have learned " become beautiful to swim " , " face-lifting travel is round " , suffer market attention quite. The journey can divide these tourism groups to mix for 4~5 day 7 days roughly above two kinds: The group of 4~5 day, give priority to in order to go sightseeing basically, but medical establishment of hairdressing of plastics of viatic organism visiting visit, undertake advisory, make an appointment, or it is to do a few simple hairdressing operations, brow of line of the lip that be like grain, grain look line, embroider and beautiful the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes; The group of 7 days of above, give priority to with plastic surgery, the project includes to divide knit bazoo of operation of department of art, eye, grand, Jiaozhi square-faced operation and zygomatic operation, of course, these " face-lifting goes sightseeing " case of Korea travel expense compares groovy group to want tall a lot of.

Reporter understanding, in Korea, plastic special already be current, in hole of clear pool of Hanjiang south bank one belt has 311 face-lifting surgery, walk along a few paces to have hospital of a hairdressing, as a result of the lead position of hairdressing course of study, already began to attract the hairdressing client that comes from world each district. For this, head Wu Shixun of Er city mayor expresses: The government is the development that medical treatment of farther stimulative hairdressing travels, decision support face-lifting strategical of commodity of medical treatment travel concessionary change, already planned to spread out the brigade of the medical treatment hairdressing that is aimed at a Chinese, green passageway is offerred in the respect such as conduction visa, if be lengthened appropriately,leave Han time to wait.

Urban calling card: Head Qing Xichuan of Er ground mark

Qing Xichuan is located in an Er downtown, it is kingdom of Korea of a confirm 500 years a river that develops the history. The Qing Xichuan nowadays, colour of unreal of the rainbow on the head, the foot enters the water gurgle, clear the brook water that sees a bottom and play underwater fish tentacle can be reached. This kind of brook that sees in a mountainous area ability only becomes an Er shine most together beautiful scenery, be worthy of became the urban calling card of an Er. Korea president him Li Mingbo also because recover from an illness Qing Xichuan and by the United States " times " weekly is sealed for " environmental protection hero " .
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