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Most low-temperature record lows this winter, the north out of the bus travel n
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According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, yesterday morning, most parts of northern China have reached a minimum temperature of the lowest this winter, Shandong, P decreased snow. Snow, etc. to bring a lot of public safety impact of travel. Cause of the accident prompted the majority of the traffic police department is affected by the bad weather, rainy and cold weather, slippery roads and the vehicles lost control and fell to the ground operation, rear-end, scratch. In these high-accident period, the visitors who wish to travel by car to observe the following: In the rainy cold weather driving, First, we must always maintain the wiper to work, always to maintain a clear vision; Secondly, the vehicles should avoid the emergency brake, or tire locking, the vehicle will have spin or rotation, the correct approach is the use of pumping means; into the corner, or downhill, be sure to slow down in advance, while increasing traffic spacing, should be higher than under normal circumstances the road distance is about twice as many; Third, driving rain pedestrians and cyclists should take necessary precautions, because the other hit an umbrella, raincoat, line of sight is blocked, the disabled, then open the small lights of vehicles, pedestrians can remind the rain, let it find the vehicle earlier and to take necessary precautions. Fourth, when driving at night in the rain, the ground will reflect light by water, appropriate to transform the distance light can help you in time to find an obstacle in front. These are the traffic police department to remind the tourists who drive particular attention. Be careful bring luck, these matters are reminded to avoid the accident. Tourists who want to have fun.